Sir Bisgaard

Software Developer - Bachelor Student - Computer Enthusiast

Things of Interest


Hi, my name is Martin and I'm a student and work as a software developer. I spent most of my time working for a Danish software company. Where I work on a large SOA application, that is written in C# .NET. My hobby and passion is coding, so I enjoy read about new things that is challenging. That might come from school projects or about books about new and interesting software patterns, or explore new software frameworks.

I find linux very interesting these days, now that .NET core is released. So all the skills and knowledge I have gathered over the years, can be used "everywhere". I run Fedora on my laptop that I use for school and private use. This is to be exposed more to linux and wirte .NET core apps. I still love Windows and use it on my main workstation, so I run Visual Studio. Now Xamarin is integrated, I have big ideas what todo.

Do you have any questions that you want me to answer?
Well feel free to contact me on any social media.