Grundtvig’s Church – ⛪

Experiencing the Greatness

While I was visting some family in Copenhagen I had the chance to explore the Church of Grundtvig.

Grundtvig was a very famous danish priest and poet that had a great part of danish history.

The church was build in his honer and just shows how much of an impact that he had.

I came at he perfect moment at the church. The local choir was practicing for Christmas messias concert.

While editing the photos from the day I have tried to get an medieval vibe from them. I wanted to bring you back in the time when Grundtvig lived.

While listening to the choir singing and walking a round made me feel so lille in that place. It is definitely a place that I would love visting again when i have the chance.

Please see all of the photos from the church in the gallery bellow. It is truly sunning how large and impactful the church is.

The Gallery


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