Catching the Sunset Light – πŸŒ…

Light to See the Champagne

This will be one of my more visual posts with lots of photos! So please scroll and enjoy.

So I went to my favorite spot on the harbor to take some photos of the Avensis in the beautiful sunset.

I have been working on some new compositions that complement the car more.

The Avensis is not just a “silver” car. It has a champagne ascent in it which makes it golden to look at in some of the photos.

I have also found the love of using a 50mm lens. It makes the depth of feel so much more pleasing to look at.

Look at the backdrops of the photos. They are nice but also not overtaking the subject.

The rest of the photos are in the gallery. Please take a look because there are still a few left in there.

The Gallery


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