Tour de Cars & Coffee Árhus

The Meetup Place

– The day started off at the meeting spot at Middelfart just next to the highway. We had some time to chat and say hello to some new faces that wanted to cruise along. We were a few members from Toyota Klub Fyn, but it was not an official event from the club.

I love this picture because it shows true car “culture in its heart.
He has decorated it with everything he wants and not case about others.

Here is the gallery from the parking lot, the Auris and I had some alone time before the others came.
And the composition work is getting better…

The First Gallery

The Main Event

– After the cruise to Aarhus where we drove single file all the way, making a prominent stance on that you should drive TOYODA! We came to the event CCA end season event. It was so crowded that you would not believe that the C sickness existed.

People was everywhere and didn’t really care, so the fine stallion was stock here for 15m waiting.

The Gang Gang was split up trying to get into the event and getting a nice parking spot. In the end we parked far away from the main thing and walked to it. The little hope of showing off the cars was WASTED.

Us getting back to the event in the Auris.

When all that is told I still managed to capture some moody pictures from inside the main event.
There were all sorts of vehicles there and you could here & feel the loud subs playing. Cracks and bangs from exhausts and even some firework was seen. It had it all.

The gallery contains all the nice moody shoots, and I am happy to see my Fuji survived the no light experience.

The Second Gallery

Last time it was so organized and well placed.

Lets hope the next CCA event will be better. ❤️


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