Erholm Estate – 🏰

The Introduction to the Park

– My friend and I went out on a little trip to Erholm estate. We wanted to train our photography, and get to know our cameras better.

My Fuji πŸ—» and I has still a lot to learn, but what i noticed is that I need a ND filter for it. There were points around the park where a long exposure shot would have been beautiful.

All the photos my friend took will not be in this gallery. He mainly shot photos with his telephoto lens and got some nice macro shots. Even some of me.

This post will be a more picture driven then what i usually do. This is to guide you through the park with the pictures I think will give the biggest impact.
All the photos from the day is at the bottom of the post in a big gallery.

The Tour of Erholm

We are finally done with the trip!

The last photo is of cause of the cars. They look amazing in the sun just peeking through the trees behind.

The Gallery


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